Crossref Settings

Support for minting Crossref DOIs is built into Janeway’s core. We will be expanding this to other providers in the future. To edit the Crossref settings select “Crossref Settings” from the manager interface. The fields are as follows:

  • Use Crossref
    • If disabled, no DOIs will be minted
  • Crossref Test
    • If enabled, DOIs will be minted on Crossref’s test system
  • Crossref Username
    • Your crossref username
  • Crossref Password
    • Your crossref password
  • Crossref Email
    • The email address of the depositor
  • Crossref Name
    • The name of the depository
  • Crossref Prefix
    • The prefix for your crossref account, usually 10.XXXX
  • Crossref Registrant
    • The name of the registrant for this journal on Crossref’s system eg. Open Library of Humanities
  • DOI Display Prefix
    • Text to prepend to DOIs, this is used to generate DOI URLs
  • DOI Display Suffix
    • Text to append to DOIs, this is also used to generate DOI URLs
  • DOI Pattern
    • The pattern for the DOI, defaults to journal_code.article_id e.g. orbit.123

Minting DOIs is covered in Articles and Issues.

Crosscheck Settings

Janeway also has support for Crosscheck (also called Similarity Check) and is provided by iThenticate. You can sign up for an account via Crossref and this will allow you to send submitted manuscripts for originality checking.

The settings are:

  • Enable
    • Enables display for Crosscheck buttons
  • Username
    • Your iThenticate service username
  • Password
    • Your iThenticate service password

More info on Crosscheck/Similarity Check: