The content section allows us to control the navigation menu, content pages, news and editorial team in Janeway.

The nav controller and CMS system will be overhauled as part of 1.4.


The Content Manager is Janeway’s CMS. Pages can be created an edited using our rich text editor.


Content and Navigation manager

Add a New Page

To add a new page to your journal select “+ Add New Page”. A new page requires the following:

  • Name
    • This is the name of the page for the URL bar e.g. privacy-policy or author-guidelines. This field should not have any spaces in it.
  • Display Name
    • The proper name for the page that will be displayed in the navigation e.g. Privacy Policy or Author Guidelines
  • Content
    • HTML content, you should avoid pasting in from a text editor like Word as it will copy random styling across that will ignore your stylesheets

Once a new page has been created you will find it is available at e.g.

Edit a Page

From the Content page you can see a list of the pages currently on your journal. To edit one, click on its title and the edit/delete buttons will appear. Select edit to make changes.

Delete a Page

As above click on the title and then the edit/delete buttons will appear. Press Delete to remove the page.

News Manager

The news manager allows you to create news items, assign display and take down dates and upload images to display alongside them.

News items can also displayed in the carousel.

To add a new news item select the News Manager. The interface displays exiting news items on the left and a form for adding new items on the right.


News Manager interface

The form fields include:

  • Title *
    • The title of the news item
  • Body *
    • The HTML body of the news item
  • Start display *
    • The date to start displaying this news item
  • End display
    • The date to stop displaying this news item (can be left blank to display forever)
  • Sequence *
    • Use for sorting when news items are posted on the same day
  • Image file
    • An image file to fit the news piece, ensure you have the rights to post it
  • Tags
    • A series of tags/keywords for the piece, you can filter news items by tags

A news item with image and tags, material theme

Journal Contacts

You can control the contacts listing for your journal by adding and removing contacts through this interface. Only three fields are used for this:

  • Name
    • The contact’s name
  • Email
    • The email address that should be contacted
  • Role
    • The contact’s role e.g. Editor or Publisher

Each outgoing message is recorded in the database and can be viewed in the admin area by staff.

Editorial Team

The Editorial Team interface is relatively complex and is made up of:

  • Editorial Groups
  • Editorial Group Members

You can create as many groups as you like and add as many members as you like.

When you access the interface the form for making a new group is displayed on the right of the page and the existing groups listed on the left. For each group you can:

  • Edit the membership
  • Edit the group details
  • Delete the group

The Editorial Team interface

Adding a New Group

Creating a new group allows you to add members and display them on the Editorial Team page. Each group is headed by the group name you supply.

  • Name
    • The group name e.g. Editoral Team or Advisors
  • Description
    • Displayed under the Name header on the Editorial Team page
  • Sequence
    • The order the groups should be displayed, you can reorder the groups by editing their sequence or by dragging and dropping their record

Adding Members to a Group

For an existing or newley created group you can use the Edit Members button (Green with a group of outlines) to change the membership of the group.


An editorial team

On the left is a list of the current members, you can:

  • Delete a member from the group
  • Reorder the members by dragging and dropping a listing

Journal users are listed on the right and you can add a user to the group using the Add button. If a user account does not exist for the user you can use the Add New User button to add them.