v1.5.0 Torres

Upgrade Notes

To run this upgrade, you can use Janeway’s built-in script (

On this version of Janeway we have bumped the version of Django from 1.11 to the most recent LTS version 3.2. As a result of multiple backwards changes, there have been a lot of rewrites of old code involved. Any installed plugins do need to be updated for compatibility with this new release as well, so we recommend upgrading your plugins first, before running the script

What’s Changed

Full Changelog:…v1.5.0-RC-1

v1.4.4 Apollo

Upgrade Notes

To run this upgrade, you can use Janeway’s built-in script ( There are no newly introduced configuration steps required.

This minor release includes a few bugfixes and improvements on features newly introduced in v1.4.3

What’s Changed


This version of Janeway includes various new features and bugfixes.

Upgrade Notes

As normal run the command.


  • Added support for title-level DOIs
  • Added support for issue-level DOIs
  • Updated the DOI Manager page to make it scale better

Peer Review

  • The interface for making reivews available to authors has been updated to make it easier to use and easier for editors to see the current status
  • Editors can now see reviews in the draft decisions interface
  • Where a peer review is open, and the reviewer gives explicit permission, that review can now be displayed on the article page
  • Additional metadata is now available to peer reviewers, including due date


  • We’ve made various updates to make the workflow more user-friendly
  • Editors can now archive an article at any point in the workflow
  • When an editor completes a workflow stage, instead of being redirected to the dashboard, they will now move to the next workflow element
  • Workflow notification pages now display custom subjects properly
  • Popup contact email forms can now have attachments
  • Editors can now unreject articles and can move articles that are stuck in “Accepted” onto the next workflow element
  • Various task completion tasks now ask the user to confirm the requested action
  • Whenever you send an email using Janeway, you get a small green bar in the bottom right confirming “Email sent”


  • There are various fixes around the repository system including fixes to make repository multi-tenancy work better


  • Update to article XSLT properly renders footnote numbers and allows footnotes to be referenced multiple times
  • Update to article XSLT allows rendering xrefs in footnotes
  • Articles can now export references in Bibtex and RIS


New Contributors

Full Changelog:…v1.4.3-RC-1


Upgrade Notes

If you intend on enabling full-text search, see the specific notes about this feature below prior to upgrading.

The script should then cover the usual upgrade procedure.

Since this release includes a fix for the sitemaps, we recommend re-generating them with python src/ generate_sitemaps as documented in after the upgrade is completed.


Janeway now supports authentication via OIDC. If you would like to enable this new authentication system, we recommend having a look at the configuration instructions in the documentation:



Version 1.4.1 introduces repositories, the brand-new repository system for Janeway.

Upgrade notes

With this release of Janeway, there are a couple of new commands to generate the robots.txt and sitemap.xml endpoints.

After running the upgrade script, you should run python src/ generate_robots and python src/ generate_sitemaps.

Sitemaps will be regenerated on a daily basis as per the configuration of the cron tasks installed by Janeway.

What’s Changed


Version 1.4 makes a move from HVAD to ModelTranslations as well as some bugfixes and improvements.


Janeway now uses ModelTranslations to store translated settings and metadata. The setting USE_I18N must be set to True in otherwise settings may not be returned properly.

1.4 has support for:

  • News
  • Pages
  • Navigation
  • Sections
  • Editorial Groups
  • Contacts
  • Journals
  • Article (limited to Editors only, title and abstract)

Support for Welsh (Cymraeg) is included. Support for German, French, Spanish and Italian is coming soon.






Many areas of the Manager have been reworked. We now have a better grouping of settings and additional groupings. Reworked:

  • Journal Settings
  • Image Settings (new)
  • Article Display Settings
  • Styling Settings

Other areas have been redesigned:

  • Content Manager
  • Journal Contacts
  • Editorial Team
  • Section Manager
  • The Review and Revision reminders interface has been reworked to make it easier to use. A new reminder type (accepted) so you can have different templates for reminder unaccepted and accepted reviews. (

New areas have been added:

  • Submission Page Items is a new area that lets you build a custom Submission Page with a combination of free text, links to existing settings and special displays (like licenses and sections).
  • Media Files lets editors upload and host files like author guidelines or templates



Feature Removal

  • The ZIP Issue Download feature has been removed, this is due to the fact that in its current form it does not work and is regularly hit by spiders and bots that cause disk space to fill up. The hope is that we can work out a way to bring this back in the future. The Issue Galley feature remains active. (


  • utils.setting_handler.get_requestless_setting has been marked as deprecated and will be removed in 1.5.
  • PluginSettings and PluginSettingValues are deprecated as of 1.4 - all settings are now stored in core.Setting and core.SettingValue a migration moved PluginSettings over to core.Setting in 1.4 and uses a group name plugin:PluginName.


Version 1.3.10 includes updates mainly for Peer Review. Updates to documentation will be released with a later Release Candidate.


Workflow (Review)


Author Dashboard

Manager The Users and Roles pages have been updated to:

  • Enrolled Users (those users who already have a role on your journal)
  • Enrol Users (allows you to search, but not browse, users to enrol them on your journal)
  • Roles (now only displays users with the given role)

Front End

Crossref & Identifiers Crossref deposit has been update:

  • Authors are now in the correct order
  • Abstracts are included
  • Date accepted is included
  • Page numbers are included




  • A new setting has been added to enable a Review Assignment overview to appear on the list of articles in review. This will display the initials of the reviewer, the current status of the review and when it is due and includes colour coding to assist. This can be enabled from the Review Settings page. [Manager > Review Settings] #1847
  • When no projected issue is assigned to an article users are warned that Typesetters will not know which issue the paper will belong to #1877
  • Peer Reviewers can now save their progress #1868
  • Section Editors will now work as expected when assigned to a section to work on (#1934)

Front End

  • A bug on the /news/ page caused by not having a default banner image has been fixed #1879
  • Editors can now exclude the About section from the Submissions page. #1881


  • Fix integrity issues when editing a user profile with mixed case email addresses. #1807


  • The OLH theme build_assets command now handles Press overrides. #1821
  • The privacy policy link on the footer can now be customized for the press and for the journals via a setting under Journal settings, A default can be set for all journals press ‘Journal default settings’.
  • Material now has social sharing buttons similar to what OLH theme already provided #1995

Frozen Authors

  • Frozen author metadata was being overridden when calling article.snapshot_authors. There is now a force_update flag to control this behaviour. #1832
  • Refactored the function to iterate the authors in article.snapshot_authors so that authors without an ArticleAuthorOrder record are not ignored. #1832


  • Staff members can now merge accounts together from the press manager #1857
  • Editor users can now access the Review and Revision reminder interface. [Manager > Scheduled Reminders] #1848
  • Editors can now soft delete review forms. When deleted thay are hidden from the interface. Admins and Superusers can reinstate them from Admin. #1854
  • Editors can now drag-and-drop reorder review form elements, elements are now ordered automatically. #1853
  • Fixed a bug that would override the default setting. #1861


  • Janeway’s OAI implementation now covers the base specification for OAI-PMH. #1850


  • Our crossref citation depositor now converts DOIs in URL format to prefix/suffix as this it the only format crossref accepts. #1869